The Faculty Athletics Mentor Program aims to enhance relationships between the athletics program, student-athletes and faculty by allowing a faculty mentor to become directly involved with a particular team. The program will support the student-athletes who participate in NCAA Division III athletics while helping faculty gain a better understanding of the demands of being a committed student-athlete.

Each intercollegiate team at The University of Scranton has a faculty mentor assigned to it. The faculty mentors show support for the team and help to facilitate communication between student-athletes and faculty. They also serve as a resource for academic, career and personal issues that student-athletes may face in their everyday lives.

Baseball - Michael Landram, Ph.D.

Field Hockey - Barbara Buxton, Ph.D., RN

Men's Basketball - Dr. David Rusak, Ph.D.

Men's/Women's Cross Country - David Dzurec, Ph.D.

Men's Golf - Harry Dammer, Ph.D.

Men's Lacrosse - Will Conover, Ed.D.

Men's Soccer - Roy Palmer Domenico, Ph.D. & Fr. Dan Sweeney, S.J.

Men's/Women's Swimming - Dr. Cyrus Olsen

Men's Tennis - Neill Ackerman, Ph.D.

Softball - Jessica Bachman, Ph.D., R.D.

Women's Basketball - Andrew Stuka, MS, CSCS

Women's Lacrosse - Thomas Hogan, Ph.D.

Women's Soccer - Tracie Haines-Landram, MS, CSCS*D

Women's Tennis - Dr. Maria Squire, Ph.D.

Wrestling - TBA

Volleyball - Dr. Joan Grossman, Ph.D., R.D.