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My name is Kevin Southard and I am the director of sports information here at The University of Scranton.

            Since head coach Ed Karpovich is not full-time, I answer a lot of his letters and emails.

            First and foremost, I recommend that your first priority when selecting a college is education.  The University of Scranton is highly regarded academically, and we are extremely proud of all of our accomplishments in athletics also.

            Regarding the golf program, we hold open tryouts in the fall and the spring.  The team will compete in a tournament or two in the fall, but a majority of the season comes in the spring.  We select our players through the open tryout process. 


The university has been a member of the Empire 8 Conference for the past two seasons.  It is made up of a majority of institutions in the upstate New York area, along with local rivals Moravian College from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Susquehanna University from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.  The conference offers a 72-hole championship—the first two rounds are played in the fall and the final two in the spring—with an automatic bid to the NCAA Division III tournament to the eventual tournament champion.

            If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at (570) 941-7571.

    Kevin Southard
    Asst. Athletics Director/Sports Info. Director
    The University of Scranton

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