How do I get involved in intramurals?
It's fast and easy to create a free account on and choose from the available intramural leagues. 

Can I still participate in intramurals if I don't have a team?
Yes, you may still participate, but will register on imleagues as a free agent.  The recreation staff will then assist you with finding a team that is looking for players.

Can I participate in intramurals and be an official for that sport?
Yes, it is possible to be a participant and an official in the same sport.  The sport supervisor will schedule the officiating schedule around the game schedule.

Is it possible to change the time of an intramural game?
When signing a team to play in the league on imleagues, time preferences can be entered and the scheduler generally accounts for most of these time requests.  For this reason, only in an emergency situation are game times changed.  This must be addressed in the Recreation Office, with a member of the recreation staff, as far in advance as possible.