Rules and Regulations


The Recreational Sports Department at The University of Scranton seeks to provide a comprehensive program of physical sports activities designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of the university students, faculty, and staff members.   Through the intramural programs there are opportunities to learn sport skills for contemporary or lifelong needs; to participate in structured competitive or non-competitive activities; to develop or maintain a measure of physical fitness; and to participate in activities for the development of social and emotional fitness.   These opportunities assist in providing a desirable university atmosphere designed to stimulate, promote, and enhance the formal education process.



1.      Royal Cards- Every intramural participant must present his/her Royal Card at the start of  each intramural event.  Failure to produce a valid Royal Card may prevent participation. 

2.      Injuries – The Recreational Sports Department is not responsible for injuries incurred in intramural sports or recreational activities.  Participants are
       responsible to supply their own appropriate insurance coverage.

3.      Fees – Each team must pay a $10 entry fee for each intramural sport in which they participate.  This fee is refundable at the end of league play if no forfeits have been levied against the team/individual.  Refunds must be claimed within 2 weeks after the conclusion of league play, at the Recreation Office.

4.      Forfeits – If a team or contestant fails to appear at the designated site within 10 minutes after the scheduled time for a contest, the official in charge
       may, at his/her discretion, declare a victory for the team or contestant ready to play.  In addition, one forfeit constitutes the loss of the forfeit fee, the
       second forfeit results in removal from IM competition for the remainder of the season in that league.

5.      Rosters – Each team/individual will submit a roster online with ( The forfeit fee must be paid at the captain’s meeting or at the Recreation Office, Byron 201, before the stated deadline.  Rosters will be finalized two weeks after league registration closes.  After this time no players may be added to a roster.

6.      Ineligible Players – The use of an ineligible player will result in: loss of the forfeit fee, and losses all contests in which an ineligible individual participated. A second offense of an ineligible player results in the team’s suspension from intramural competition.  Ineligible players are those not on the roster or from another roster.



Any undergraduate, graduate students, staff or faculty member is eligible to compete in intramurals.  Any undergraduate/graduate student who has participated in an intercollegiate sport (Junior Varsity, Varsity, and Club Sport) is eligible to participate in their respective sport, under the following format:   

·         Any  “A” team may have TWO former players on their roster

·         Any  “B”  team may have ONE former player on their roster

·         Any  “C”  team may Not have any former players on their roster

·         Despite playing time, any player who has dressed for a varsity game, is considered a former varsity player. (At age 25 the “former varsity” status is dropped).

·         Club Sport athletes are permitted to play in any intramural league.  However, no more than two club athletes are permitted on an intramural roster for their respective sport or a related sport. 


A.    Any individual may play for ONE team only AND in ONE division only.

B.     Any person who participates on more than one team will be committed to the team he/she first played with.  The second team shall receive a forfeit for having an ineligible player.

C.    Any person who is currently a member of a Varsity or JV squad is not eligible to participate in intramurals in that sport or related sport. Varsity athletes who quit their sport or are cut/dismissed from the team, are not eligible for intramurals in their related sport and may not participate in that sport until the next academic year.

D.    The IM staff member may either waive or modify rules when it can be demonstrated that such rules would restrict the right of the individual to participate in any unreasonable or unfair manner.

     E.     The IM staff reserves the right to move teams to a different level of play.  All
           teams that win a division are automatically bumped to the next level of play
           when multiple divisions are offered.


7.      Postponements– The Recreation Office is willing to cooperate in extraordinary circumstances by allowing an occasional postponement.  However, these will be kept to an absolute minimum and must be done 24 hours in advance of the scheduled contest.  Arrangements must be made between the two team captains and an intramural staff member.  The Recreation Office has the sole right to postpone any contest.


8.      Protests – Only protests concerning questions of eligibility will be considered by the IM Office.  Protests must be submitted in writing, to the intramural office within 24 hours following the contest in question.  The IM staff will review all protests.  Its decision is final. Under no circumstance will any question concerning officials’ judgment be considered for protests.


9.      Jewelry:No exposed jewelry may be worn.  Earrings and facial piercings are not permitted and must be removed before participation is permitted. If the piece cannot be removed, it must be taped (tape is NOT supplied).


10.  The IM staff reserves the right to issue any new rules or regulations that may be deemed essential to the success of the total program.



12.  There is a lightning detector on the rear of the Long Center.  If you should hear the siren, please leave the playing area (Fitz Field or the tennis courts) for 30 minutes.  Play may not resume until 30 minutes has passed WITHOUT a lightning strike.


13.  Each participant should have a dark AND a light colored shirt with them for each intramural event.  Pinnies will not be used.



The Recreational Sports Department holds fair play, hard work, and sportsmanship to the highest standard.    As a department we expect participants to:  shake hands after games; respect the officials, teammates and opponents; show self-restraint, play by the rules, work hard, and have fun.  The intramural staff reserves the right to hold players and their captains accountable for all actions on and off the court/field, at all recreation activities. A breach of this code of conduct brings with it the possibility of ejections and suspensions from intramurals.   


Rating Scale

To ensure that these values are upheld by our intramural participants a sportsmanship GPA policy will be used to objectively measure a team’s level of sportsmanship. This rating will be assessed and scored by officials and supervisors at the end of each game. A team that has a regular season Sportsmanship GPA of below 3.0 will be unable to participate in playoffs! Any team that receives a single game GPA of 1.0 will have to meet with a member of the Recreational Sports staff before they continue in the league. At the midterm of the league each team will receive their sportsmanship GPA so they are aware of their intramural status.  Teams participating in play-offs begin with a clean slate and must maintain a 3.0 to continue through the play-off bracket.


“A” = 4.0

Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship:

-          Only the captain calmly converses with officials when a question arises

-          All players treat their teammates, officials, opponents and supervisors with respect

-          Participants routinely exhibit sportsmanship by shaking hands, encouraging fair play and respecting the Byron facilities

-          This captain takes full responsibility for the actions of his/her team

-          This team is on time, appropriately dressed, has all royal cards and is ready to play at the start of every game


 “B” = 3.0

Good Conduct and Sportsmanship

-          This team exhibits excellent conduct and sportsmanship for the majority of the intramural event

-          Occasionally minor disagreements with calls are expressed to officials by non-captain members of the team

-          In general, this team shows good sportsmanship with minor indiscretions that do not result in a penalty violation etc...

-          If a member of a team receives a yellow card, technical foul or sportsmanship penalty that is not flagrant, this team may make this GPA under the discretion of the grader


“C” = 2.0

Fair Conduct and Sportsmanship

-          This team on multiple occasions complains to the officials and supervisors about calls made during the game

-          This team’s captain is unable to encourage and monitor good sportsmanship among his/her teammates

-          A lack of sportsmanship is shown towards officials, teammates, opponents and supervisors

-          Any team that receives one flagrant or multiple technical fouls, yellow cards or sportsmanship penalties will be graded in this category

-          On multiple occasions this team uses overly physical actions during the game

-          This team uses profanity during the game



“D” = 1.0

Unacceptable conduct and sportsmanship

-          This team has no regard for the sportsmanship on or off the field/court of play

-          This grade will be given to a team that:

o   Excessively uses profanity

o   Has a player that is ejected

o   Receives multiple yellow cards, technical fouls, sportsmanship penalties or one red card

o   The captain has no control over the conduct of their team

Attempts to damage or damages any part of the Byron facility or recreational equipment



1.      Ejections- If a player is ejected from a game, that teams’ captain will also be asked to leave the playing area.  The offending player must sit out the
      next game his/her team plays. If the captain is ejected from a game, the co-captain must leave the playing area, as well. If the captains that were
      designated on the roster are not present for a game, a captain and co-captain must be designated and reported to the officials prior to the


2.     Suspensions- Suspension from league competition for any individual is at the discretion of the intramural staff.  If a player receives two ejections in a given semester, immediate suspension from all intramural sports may be warranted.  This offender must meet with a recreation sports director and attend counseling sessions pertaining to anger management or issues surrounding the ejections.  Reinstatement of participation will not occur until the Recreational Sports Directors and the counselors agree that proper rehabilitation has occurred. 


3.      Fighting – Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the contest and a warning issued to the team. Any player ejected from a contest will also be suspended from the next game the team plays.


4.      Profanity – Profanity will not be tolerated.  One warning will be given by any Intramural staff member, with immediate ejection from the contest occurring upon the second offense.