Mission & Student Outcomes

Recreational Sports Mission Statement

The Recreational Sports Department at The University of Scranton seeks to provide a comprehensive program of physical sports activities designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of the University students, faculty, and staff members. Through recreational programs there are opportunities to learn sports skills for contemporary or lifelong needs; to participate in structured competitive or non-competitive activities; to develop or maintain a measure of physical fitness; and to participate in activities for the development of social and emotional fitness.  These opportunities assist in providing a desirable university atmosphere designed to stimulate, promote,and enhance the formal education process.

Recreation Within the Framework of Jesuit Education

In a Jesuit educational system there is a philosophy of cura personalis (care of the whole person) and a commitment to ongoing personal growth. The Recreational Sports Department views its mission as contributing to the social, physical, mental, and emotional development of each student, consistent with the visions of St. Ignatius.  There is an expectation that graduates of a Jesuit institution will integrate this principle of well-being in preparing for lifelong enjoyment of their leisure time.

Student Outcomes

 As a result of their participation in leagues, activities and leadership positions within the Recreational Sports Department students will:

  • Work toward optimal health and wellness

  • Develop conflict resolution/sportsmanship skills

  • Follow rules and guidelines established and maintain emotional control

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to effectively manage intramural contests

  • Develop professional skills necessary to effectively interact with members of the University community