Alyssa Fania

Name: Alyssa Fania

Sport(s) played at Scranton: Field Hockey

Graduation year: 2015

Degree(s) earned: Bachelor of Exercise Science

Hometown: Annandale, NJ

Current employer and occupation: RWJBH Saint Barnabas Medical Center/ Registered Nurse

Why did you choose to attend The University of Scranton?: There was something about the campus that was friendly, lively, and welcoming. The science programs are impressive as well as the academic buildings. It's a great school and has even greater people.

What did you love about being an NCAA Division III student-athlete?: Academics are important so it was very manageable to balance playing a sport with the coursework. While we were focused on the field, we still had time to enjoy what college had to offer off the field.

When was the last time you were back on campus and what was it like to be back?: It has been a while, but the last time I was back I did feel old being graduated! I love Scranton, and when you're friends/teammates are on back on campus/field together, it makes it that more fun to relive the memories.

What is your favorite memory in a Scranton uniform?: I could think of countless memories from all four years from our trip to Ireland to the halloween practices. But, what trumps it all was coming off a loss from a rivalry with Drew to meet them again in the Semi's and win in overtime.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?: Deciding to just walk on and try out for the team to then later lead in career assists. That decision would later create multiple opportunities, memories, relationships, and learning experiences that have helped shape me in the life I live thus far.

What advice would you like to share with current student-athletes at Scranton?: Always keep smiling and be grateful to be where you are. When things get crazy, I always remember Fr. Rick's Christmas finals' mass reminding us that we are so very blessed to be where we are at this moment and the opportunities we have just to be taking finals for an education.