Medical Forms

The University of Scranton requires a number of documents to be filled out in order to be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics. These documents can only be found within the Athletic Trainer System (ATS).  

Athletes who have never participated in varsity sports at the University of Scranton must login to ATS to enter their demographic information, medical history, insurance and emergency contact information. Once completed, ATS will then give you access to the necessary forms. The physical examination or evaluation should be uploaded to ATS under the E-files tab. The physical examination must be administered within six months prior to participation in any practice, competition or out-of-season conditioning activities (NCAA Bylaw If you have not returned a copy of your physical examination, you must inform us immediately and we will schedule one promptly.  ANYONE WITHOUT A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION ON RECORD IS INELIGIBLE.

Returning athletes will be required to login to ATS annually to update their personal information, medical history, insurance information and fill out the necessary paperwork. Returning athletes are NOT required to get a new physical examination.

Each step-by-step guide below will help athletes navigate through ATS. 

The last page of each guide includes a checklist of all the paperwork that is required.

All paperwork and ATS updates should be completed by both new and returning athletes by August 1.


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