University of Scranton and Landmark Conference Continue Focus On Sportsmanship in 2016

University of Scranton and Landmark Conference Continue Focus On Sportsmanship in 2016

TOWSON, Md. – The University of Scranton and the Landmark Conference have once again placed a priority on excellent sportsmanship ever since the first conference contest took place during the fall of 2007.

Last season, the Landmark continued to make sportsmanship and improving the game environment a focus at all eight member institutions. During the conference's annual end-of-year meeting this past May, the Athletic Directors from each of the eight member institutions reviewed the program and agreed to continue the conference's campaign to promote good sportsmanship and behavioral expectations at their contests and events.

Fair and respectful conduct toward all participants and supporters is a tenet of Division III, one that the Landmark and its members strive to achieve at all times. Conference members believe that outstanding sportsmanship and civility are important expectations for all participants to experience at each athletic event, particularly at contests between conference members.

With the 2016 season underway, and in anticipation of Landmark play kicking off at the end of September, the conference and its members will reiterate their sportsmanship values, which are consistent with the philosophy of NCAA Division III, at contests and via social media. Recently, each institution shared a letter with its fans regarding standards for behavior at games, which can be found here.

These are our principles for fans attending our events:

  • Support our family - cheer for our team, not against our opponent
  • Do not get personal in your comments about players, coaches, or officials
  • No profanity, vulgarity, racist, or sexist comments
  • Treat fellow fans and event staff with respect
  • Give players, coaches and officials their space by keeping away from the playing and team bench areas
  • Fans not in compliance with these principles may be removed from the event site

While games, matches, and meets can become intense, the Landmark is asking, for members of our extended Landmark family to display class and maturity – even in the most competitive of environments. These ideals are paramount to the Landmark and trump any particular play, result, or box score.

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