Baseball Prospective Student-Athletes

Online recruiting questionnaire

The University of Scranton: A Jesuit Institution

Student-athletes at The University of Scranton embrace the ideals of a Catholic and Jesuit education, as well as the chief characteristics embedded in the Ignatian vision: the concept of the Magis, or a restless pursuit of excellence grounded in gratitude; Cura Personalis, individual attention to students and respect for the uniqueness of each member of the University community; seeking God in all things; liberal education; service of faith and the promotion of justice; and contemplation in action.

Students are encouraged to become involved in service, learn to think on their own and lead well-balanced lives so that they may "go forth and set the world on fire" upon completion of their education at The University of Scranton. The baseball program seeks student-athletes willing to strive for excellence through the acceptance of these ideals and values. Student-athletes on the baseball team are asked to lead by example, putting academics, athletics, and service at the forefront of their personal development.

The Recruiting Process

The University of Scranton baseball coaching staff is committed to finding student-athletes who excel in the classroom and on the diamond. During the recruiting process, a prospective student-athlete will be evaluated by the coaching staff at games, tournaments, showcases, and camps. The coaching staff also uses evaluations and recommendations from other coaches as well as video to help determine a prospective student-athletes fit at The University of Scranton.

The following are steps you can take to help facilitate the recruiting process:

1. Contact the coaching staff via e-mail or fill out the online recruiting questionnaire to start the recruiting process. If you have an online recruiting profile, please provide the direct link. Feel free to contact head coach Mike Bartoletti at

2. Make a campus visit with your parents. You can schedule a campus visit with the admissions office by calling 570-941-7540.

3. Attend the baseball program's Prospect Camp, which is the best way for the coaching staff to evaluate your skills. Each student-athlete will receive an evaluation shortly following the showcase, as well as an honest assessment of their chances of playing baseball at The University of Scranton. The showcase also gives you a chance to work with our coaching staff and gain a leg up on other prospective student-athletes. The showcase has been a very successful recruiting tool for the baseball program over the past decade.

4. Send us your spring, summer and fall schedules when you receive them. This will allow the coaching staff ample time to schedule a chance to see you play. The coaching staff spends a majority of the late spring, summer and fall evaluating prospective student-athletes. For pitchers, please keep us updated on when you expect to pitch. Once the coaching staff has developed a strong evaluation of each prospective student-athletes, we will begin to offer official overnight visits around late September.

5. Send us any video you may have, whether it's posted online or on DVD. For online videos, please provide a direct link. DVDs may be sent to Mike Bartoletti, Department of Athletics, 800 Linden Street, Scranton, PA 18510.

6. Come see the baseball team play. It's important for you, as a prospective student-athlete, to be comfortable with the experience of playing baseball at The University of Scranton. There's no better way to determine that by going to see the Royals play, getting a feel for the coaching staff's tactics, the team's style of play and the atmosphere at games.