Former Royal Broadcaster Mike Remish Passes Away

Former Royal Broadcaster Mike Remish Passes Away
Mike Remish

Former University of Scranton radio broadcaster Mike Remish passed away late Saturday evening.

Remish, 68, was a native of Scranton and a graduate of the former Scranton Central High School and The Pennsylvania State University.

He was on the call when the Royals won the NCAA Division III men’s basketball championship in 1983 and enjoyed a long tenure of broadcasting Scranton men’s and women’s basketball throughout the 1980s.  He was also a fixture on the local high school scene.

“The time that Mike Remish and John McCormick covered the Royals was a stellar time,” says former University of Scranton men’s basketball coach, the legendary Bob Bessoir“They were great interviewers, knew the game completely, and were well respected for their broadcasting skills.  Mike had a great rapport with our players and was actually a part of the team.  He traveled with us, had meals with us, and was always welcome in our locker room.  He was part of our family.”

The entire University of Scranton community offers its prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Mike Remish.


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